Love Always Happens

by the caretakers

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Tracks 1-4 from The Caretakers' sophomore album, "Love, War + PRopaganda" (2012) bonus tracks 5, 6 from debut album, "Unfinished Thoughts" (2010).


released February 14, 2013

Tracks 1-4 produced by Mike Trebilcock, recorded at Threshold Recording Studio (Hamilton), mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering (Columbus, Ohio).

Tracks 5, 6 produced by Michael Keire and Glen Marshall, recorded at Vibewrtangler Studio (Hamilton), mastered by Joao Caravalho Mastering (Toronto).


all rights reserved


Track Name: Love Always Happens
Sometimes unexpectedly don’t know where you want to be it’s something you just can't see
You think what's come over me what's going on I can't believe

Speak your mind
(Don't know the right words)
Testify to me
(Don’t know what to say)
Love always happens
Love always happens everyday

I'll assume I haven't seen it I really didn't mean it cause I've been so blind
I'll give it one more chance one more sunny day, one more night

Sometimes I feel so lonely I start thinking I'm the only girl in love
But, how can I be two places when I don't think I can face it what every girl dreams of
Track Name: Left A Friend Behind
Drove through threads of lightning
It lit up farms and fields
My baby in the backseat
You behind the wheel
Dylan's singing angry words
Mosquitoes got me good
Hair went curly hours ago
I'd turn back if I could

Left a friend behind today
Been thirty years if it's been a day
But I remember Missy's laugh
And when she left I felt like half

Rainbow arch approaching
Pulls us into town
Old buildings stand like elders
Whose words you should write down
Closer to the city now
A sister waits for me
No one knows what Moongirl does
The quirkiness of me

Left a friend behind today
Who had me solved inside a day
Kindest spirit, strongest heart
Who led me to a brand new start
Track Name: Just Like California
It's just like California
In my mind
I'm gonna walk, I'm gonna run, I'm gonna fly
In those sun-drenched Santa Monica skies

It's just like California
When you smile
It feels so good, it feels so great, It feels so fine, every time
On a hot summer San Francisco night

Feels just like California
It's all right
I'll hold my breath, I'll hold you close, I'll hold the line, we'll be fine
Down the Pacific Coast Highway drive tonight

It's just like California
In our minds
We're gonna walk, we're gonna run, we're gonna fly, so high
In those sun-drenched Santa Monica skies
On a hot summer San Francisco night
Down the Pacific Coast Highway drive tonight

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