Mr. Harper How?

by the caretakers

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"The Caretakers were born of a love of folk, rock, soul and country. While a full length is imminent, the band opted to introduce their music via releasing specific songs. On Canada Day 2008, The Caretakers offered the caustic "Mr. Harper How?”, a politically charged number that introduced the band’s music and mandate." Ric Taylor, VIEW Magazine


Mr. Harper how?
We’d ever found out, Mr. Harper
Sweared to God on election day
Now you’re dining high, you’ve thrown those words away
You bought some public interest in a PR game
You crucified a white knight and you won the day

Mr. Harper how?
Gonna learn what it’s about, Mr. Harper
The world’s spinning ‘round at a speeding pace
You don’t know what’s going on, we see it on your face
A revolution’s coming, I heard it on the news
John Lennon’s coming back and Jesus said it’s true

Mr. Harper how?
The country’s going south, Mr. Harper
Like the same before you, a wolf in sheep’s disguise
We don’t believe a word you say, it’s all a pack of lies
You’d sell the maple leaf for a pair of eagle’s eyes
You’d sell your soul to get a role in Washington on high

Mr. Harper how?
Mr. Harper how?
Mr. Harper how?
Mr. Harper how?


released July 1, 2008
Words and Music by Jeffrey C. Martin
Produced by | Glen Marshall and Michael Keire
Engineering by | Jon Daly
Recorded at | Vibewrangler Studio, Hamilton, Canada
Remastered by Tim Branson, Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto, Canada
Lead vocals | Jeffrey C. Martin
Backing vocals | Norm Van Bergen, Lena Montecalvo, Glen Marshall
Lead guitars | Ed Mitchell
Bass | Carl Jennings
Drums | Tim Jennings


all rights reserved


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