Oh Banyarwanda / Killing Me Killing You

by the caretakers

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released September 3, 2012

Produced & Arranged by Mike Trebilcock
Recorded at Threshold Recording Studio, Hamilton, Ontario
Mixing + Engineering by Michael Keire
Mastering by Brian Lucey, Magic Garden Mastering, Columbus, Ohio

Jeffrey C. Martin | Vocals, acoustic guitar
Lena Montecalvo | Vocals, tambourine, percussion
Mike Trebilcock | Lead guitar, banjo, harmonica, ukulele, mandolin
Carrie Ashworth | Bass
Dave Simpson | Drums
Barry Mac | Slide guitar
Kim Deschamps | Pedal steel
Jesse O’Brien | Piano, organ
Matt Coleman | Fiddle, violin
Norm Van Bergen | 12-string guitar

Album Design + Artwork by Amber Edgar, Citizen A
Graffiti seen in photographs by unknown Hamilton street artists
Photography by Amber Edgar, Bob Hatcher

All songs by Jeffrey C. Martin © 2012, except Solitary Man (Written by Neil Diamond, Tallyrand Music, Inc. c/o SONY/ATV Music Publishing LLC).

originally released 01 December 2008
Words and Music by Jeffrey C. Martin (SOCAN) 2008
Produced by | Glen Marshall and Michael Keire
Engineering by | Jon Daly
Recorded at | Vibewrangler Studio, Hamilton
Remastered by Tim Branson, Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto
Lead vocals | Lena Montecalvo, Tom Wilson, Jeffrey C. Martin
Backing vocals | Norm Van Bergen, Nick Cino, Dave Marini, Jesse Lewis, Mike Ventimiglia, Paula Tessaro, Glen Atwell, Mark Tharme, Gord Muise, Darek Czekaj, Mike Sapryhijlo, Glen Marshall
Lead guitar | Mike Ventimiglia
Mandolin | Mike McCurlie
Bass | Jesse Lewis
Drums | Dan Studjuhar


all rights reserved


Track Name: Oh Banyarwanda
Many tears have fallen ghosts still a callin' it’s gonna haunt ya
But school bells are ringing and everyone’s singing Banyarwanda

Where were you when the people cried and confessed
Did school bells ring did anyone sing what a bloody mess
Armchair pity blood on a city and so much despair
Most couldn't find it just left it behind 'cause we didn't care

Famine and feast, disease and deceased, I'm so sorry
Humanity caved, no one was saved, no Joshua story
Women and children one hundred days of killing so unholy
Just like the forties a never-ending story so chilling, so gory

No war today the West said OK, no war tomorrow
Scars haven't healed over the killing fields of blood and sorrow
No military police no fear on street no more radio warnings
No more grief just a long lasting peace let's sing good morning
Track Name: Killing Me Killing You
Make love not war
Have breakfast in bed
What’s it all for
You’re no good to any one dead
Live and let live
Lend a helping hand
You don’t have to forget
But you have to forgive or

You’re killing me, killing you
Killing me, killing you

One step forward
Two jumps back
Don’t matter what you roll
You’re game’s so off track
What is truth?
Who are enemies?
Love thy neighbour
Meant a lot you see, now are you

Jesus said “This”
And Muhammad said “That”
(Peace be upon him)
I am. I am. That’s where they’re at
Both Men cried when Mahatma Gandhi died
Why oh why why am I why are you
Killing me, I’m killing you
Killing me, killing you
Killing me, killing you

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